funny park

Rental Conditions and Terms of Use

  1. The rent will be paid entirely by installing the castle.
  2. Once the installation does not use the castle for reasons of time or any other cause that has nothing to do with the operation of the castle is the sole responsibility of the customer, can not claim part of the rent money.
  3. If there is to install the castle obstacles such as stairs, narrow hallways or something to prevent the transport of the castle with wheelbarrow, should warn him, and if I had to go more than one person for installation, or puts the customer or charged a extra.
  4. If more than 30 km wind hours immediately unplug the castle.
  5. Never intentionally wet castles.
  6. Access the castle without shoes, no food or objects enter into the castle.
  7. It is expressly forbidden to do flips, climb walls, jump from the top of the slides instead of blasted, or do anything dangerous to himself or other users.
  8. Any authorization for the installation of the castle in a place, it is your responsibility, and will have to be provided a spotlight for operation.
  9. The customer is responsible for returning the castle in the same conditions is given, if returned with excessive dirt, or any deliberate failure will have to bear the cost of cleaning or repair.
  10. It is recommended that users who are inside the castle regardless of capacity or age, are of similar weight, never play a child of 20 kilos of weight with a 50 kilos.
  11. Insurance R.C. the castle covers any damage that the castle for a poor or faulty installation, never damage from misuse, negligence or casualty among users.
  12. The rent will be from 12:00 to 21:00 on the day the service is done, going to remove the castle from that time. If you want another schedule, you must communicate it before hiring the service at +34 655 46 13 72.